How Much Does Burma Really Cost? $33 Per Day!


How Much is our finance series, meant to tell you how much you should—and shouldn't—spend on the road.

Over and over you'll hear that Burma is an expensive destination for backpackers. Is it true?

Judge for yourself. We each spent $33.87 per day over the course of two and a half weeks. This even includes our flight out of Burma and into Thailand!

Expensive? I think not, but your spending is different from other SE Asia countries, so it's best to come prepared. We have lots of tips for budget travel in Burma on our blog, but the most important thing to remember is that accommodation is overpriced... and it sucks. Once you get over this, you'll enjoy your trip a whole lot more!

We spent over 40% of our money on accommodation in Burma, and we had to use our sleep sheet almost every night! But everything else, including food in restaurants and the major sites, were quite affordable.

Here's just a taste of what you can experience for $33 a day in Burma:


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