Throwback Thursday: The Private French Polynesian Island of Taha'a


Throwback Thursday is our series of photo essays from our trips of yesteryear. We took all of these vacations while employed in real (a.k.a. bimonthly paycheck) jobs, so don't let a tight schedule stop you from exploring the world!"

The most exclusive of our honeymoon resorts was the hard-to-reach and magical Le Taha'a Island Resort. In addition to the most stunning room, the resort itself was serene and private, which had both its positives and negatives.

sunset on Tahaa
Le Tahaa bungalow
view from bungalow Le Tahaa

While feeding fish by lifting up the lid on the glass coffee table was fun, having to eat all your meals at the resort's restaurant was less enjoyable, especially when breakfast was a cool $75 per head.

Le Tahaa lobby
hootie the fish under bungalow
feeding fish from Le Tahaa bungalow

The biggest plus to the resort, after the exclusivity, is the offshore coral reef which allows you to basically do a drift snorkel from top to bottom. The amount of fish we saw snorkeling here was equal to our best dives at Sipidan.

Le Tahaa from boat

This is also where I saw my first Moray eel, which caused me to panic and come running out of the water like a chicken with no head.

snorkeling off Le Tahaa deck
private motu off Le Tahaa
Le Tahaa reef

If you're getting cabin fever, the resort does offer a free tour to an oyster pearl farm that's on the mainland. We definitely recommend taking the tour even if you're not in the market for pearls. Not only is it informative, but it's also a nice way to take in Taha'a's beauty.

Bora Bora in distance
oyster farm tour
extracting pearl from oyster Tahaa
oyster shell for pearls

The island is hilly and inhabitants are few and far between, so you really feel like you're far away from it all.

view from Le Tahaa deck
Le Tahaa private island

You also get some nice views of Bora Bora in the distance, which we enjoyed more than the views from Bora Bora itself.

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