Throwback Thursday: A Few Days Honeymooning in Stunning Moorea


Throwback Thursday is our series of photo essays from our trips of yesteryear. We took all of these vacations while employed in real (a.k.a. bimonthly paycheck) jobs, so don't let a tight schedule stop you from exploring the world!

The first stop on our 10 day honeymoon was the hilly island of Moorea. With French-influenced cuisine, hidden beaches and coves, and plenty of adventure activities, Moorea was Rob's favorite island--and by far our cheapest honeymoon destination.

Hilton Moorea Bungalows
Lina walking down the deck at Hilton Moorea

We stayed at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa in a deluxe garden bungalow with a private plunge pool, exactly what we needed after the long flight from Los Angeles. Even though our room wasn't overwater, we really enjoyed the privacy that it afforded. (In general, the overwater rooms in Moorea weren't as impressive as the other islands, so you can save some money by choosing a land-based room here.) Plus, the decor was stunning.

poisson cru
Moorea from whale watching boat

Here are our must-do's for Moorea:

1) Rent a motorbike and explore the island. Circling the whole thing takes less than a day and you'll come across some amazing beaches that are mostly empty.

moorea island tour
Moorea dolphins
Moorea beaches

2) Eat outside your hotel. Moorea has tons of French-influenced restaurants that offer more affordable and delicious food than anything your hotel can come up with. Take advantage!

3) Take a whale watching tour. This was perhaps our favorite memory of the trip, as we actually got to snorkel above a singing whale, who then tipped upward and breached out of the water. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nothing, including Everest, has ever made me feel that small since!

Moorea whale watching
Moorea from sea
Moorea sunset

4) Explore the island by ATV. There are some viewpoints only accessible by four wheelers, so take a half-day tour. One thing you may want to do when booking is ask about the other participants on the tour. We ended up with a French family who were a bit slow on the gas...

Moorea atv tour honeymoon
Moorea atv tour food tasting
Moorea atv tour view
view from top of moorea

5) Snorkel. You'll see more fish outside your bungalow than you've probably seen in your entire life. In fact, you don't even need to snorkel. Just look down from one of the walkways!

Moorea palm trees

If there was one island we'd return to in French Polynesia, Moorea would be it! And despite its diversity of offerings, it can actually be quite affordable to stay here if you rent a beach house for the month. So if you're looking for a romantic, delicious, and gorgeous island escape, look no further...

photorapher Moorea

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