Review of RB Sukau Lodge in Sukau, Borneo


Where We Slept is our hotel roundup from our time on the road. We hope it helps budget travelers see how far their dollar can go--even though sometimes, it's not far enough!

The riverside of Sukau is full of lodges that organize wildlife viewing tours. Typically, you'll both cruise and eat where you stay, so make sure you like the vibe before committing to the whole package.

We spent our first night at Sukau Greenview (25MYR for a single bed in a dorm), but then moved to RB Sukau Lodge next door where we paid 70MYR for a bungalow for three.

The bungalow had an amazingly nice shower, which was awesome because the rainforest can be cold and damp. The room itself was fine. Perhaps not the cleanest thing out there, but that's why you have a sleep sheet.

TIP: Buy a la carte

The packages offered by the lodges are often just as expensive and you can save money by just picking out the things you really want to do.

We did all of our cruises with RB Lodge for 35MYR each. They were cheaper than Greenview and much less crowded, which meant we could tell the guide exactly what we hoped to see. We really lucked out, too, because our guide from RB Sukau Lodge was the only one to spot wile orangutans up in the trees!

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If you have any tips on budget travel in Borneo, please share them in the comments!