Review of Longhouse Hostel in Sepilok, Borneo


Where We Slept is our hotel roundup from our time on the road. We hope it helps budget travelers see how far their dollar can go--even though sometimes, it's not far enough!

We arrived to Sepilok without a booked room, and so relied on our transport to just drop us off somewhere. In hindsight, this was a bad idea, as the lodging is fairly spread out, making walking around and looking for a place difficult

Because of that, we stayed at the first place we saw, which was the Longhouse at Sepilok Forest Edge Resort.

It was a shit deal, grossly overpriced at 45MYR each for a bunk bed. There are many cheaper options to stay, but we were dropped off right at their front door by our transfer and too lazy to move. That said, the grounds were beautifully landscaped and they even have their own nature trail—on which we got at least five leeches each.

don't look down!

The actual nice rooms at the resort looked lovely, but staying in the "hostel" wasn't worth the price in my opinion. The best thing about staying there was the restaurant, which served delicious food at decently reasonable prices.

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