Review of Dong Van Homestay in Dong Van, Vietnam


Where We Slept is our hotel roundup from our time on the road. We hope it helps budget travelers see how far their dollar can go--even though sometimes, it's not far enough!

Want to explore the most beautiful part of Vietnam? Expect to pay about 200-250,000D to sleep in any of the hotels along the route.

There isn't much choice, and the recommended place in Dong Van—Hoang Ngoc—was booked when we arrived.

we splurged on a more manly motorbike for the comfort

We opted for one of the many homestays (nghi) in Dong Van. For 200,000D, we had a room overlooking the rice paddies and a shared bathroom. Since we were the only guests, it wasn't much of a bother.

Unfortunately, none of these places have an online footprint so you just have to show up and figure something out. Remember to always ask to see the room before agreeing to it. If you don't like what you see, ask to see another. Guesthouse owners show you the worst room first.

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