Review of Alona Grove in Alona Beach, Bohol


Where We Slept is our hotel roundup from our time on the road. We hope it helps budget travelers see how far their dollar can go--even though sometimes, it's not far enough!

Alona Beach is really expensive, which sort of sucks, especially since the beach itself isn't that nice.

We stayed at Alona Grove and paid 1000P for an AC room, which took some negotiation. They have fan rooms for as little as 600P, which might be your best bet for something cheap. The rooms were about two minutes from the beach down a sort of shady sand path. They were clean, though not exactly nice, but they were the best we could find on our budget.

TIP: Don't expect less than 600P near the beach

We looked at a lot of places, and Alona Grove was by far the best deal unless we wanted to be a few kilometers away.

If you want to splurge, consider staying at Amarela Resort. It's a beautiful resort, right on the beach on the other side of the island and away from the hawkers of Alona. At low tide, you can wander the tide pools and hunt for crabs and conch.

great sunset reflections

The view from their restaurant is spectacular and the rooms themselves, all individually decorated, boast tasteful furnishings, bright white linens, and grand views. With a comprehensive book and DVD library, you could easily spend a week there getting away from it all. With the priciest rooms going for ~$300 a night in low season, it seemed like a semi-affordable slice of luxury.*

* Amarela hosted us for a tour and dinner, although these opinions, as always, are strictly our own.

view from Amarela hotel

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