How Much Does Vietnam Really Cost? $28 Per Day!


How Much is our finance series, meant to tell you how much you should--and shouldn't--spend on the road.

Vietnam is the SE Asian country that could truly say it has it all. And at this price, who would argue?

We expected Vietnam to be more expensive than it was, but with food so cheap, guesthouses so comfortable, and buses that run the length of the coast, our month long stay was as easy on the wallet as it was on the eyes and stomach.

grounds of the Forbidden City in the Hue Citadel

The biggest expense was the visa, which you have to arrange before arrival in Vietnam. We paid US$63 each for our visas, which we arranged in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The visa is slightly cheaper if you can get it while you're still in the States.

Vietnam is actually the first country in which we arranged guesthouses over email. Why? We had a friend visiting and didn't want him to have to shlep his bag from place to place. Despite not bargaining for rooms, our budget was incredibly low.

Here's just a taste of what you can experience for $28 a day in Vietnam


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