How Much Does Laos Really Cost? $25 Per Day!


How Much is our finance series, meant to tell you how much you should—and shouldn't—spend on the road."

If you're looking for amazing scenery and a truly local experience, look no further than Laos. The cheapest country in SE Asia doesn't leave much to be desired when it comes to landscapes and views, but you'll have to be okay without a beach. We spent a little over three weeks in this slow-paced and languid country. At $25.59 a day, we could have spent a lot more—time, that is!


Note: our accommodation in Laos was sometimes "rustic," which meant no fan, but we always had private baths and opted for water-view bungalows when available. The guesthouses in Laos were by far the nicest for the money in SE Asia.

Here's just a taste of what you can experience for $25 a day in Laos:


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