Two Months Down!


It was almost like you had to try to go over budget this month! Over 31 days, we spent only $1600. See what and where that got us.


The extra will be used to book flights to the Philippines and Indonesia since we keep missing flight sales!

AVERAGE SPEND/DAY: $25.50 each

Over the past month, we've been in both Thailand and Laos. We've cuddled with tigers; volunteered on an organic farm; attended an Akha tribe wedding party; took a boat ride through an 8km long underground tunnel; visited the caves that secured Laos' political liberty; looked over rice paddy fields at China; spotted rare Irrawaddy dolphins in the waters between Laos and Cambodia; checked out hundreds of mysterious jars outside of Phonsavan; tried, unsuccessfully, to escape ambush by tons of kids with water guns, hoses, and baby powder (Lao New Year); been thrown up on during bus rides; had chickens poop on our bags during boat rides; seen millions of bats fly out of their cave at sundown; and eaten a LOT of baguettes (none as good as back home). All through that, we've only had one serious motorbike incident! Impressive, huh?

Favorite experiences


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-The Erohs