Three Months on the Road and Still Rocking


We spent the majority of month 3 in Cambodia, which had its share of highs and lows, though it ended with incredible underwater adventures.


Even though we were over budget this month, we still have a surplus of ~$250 from the previous two.


In general, Cambodia was more expensive than we'd thought it would be, and we only liked a few of our stops, but those places made the journey beyond worthwhile. Our favorite activity/stop, and the one that completely blew our budget, was learning to scuba dive and at Koh Rong Samloem. Being able to breathe and float effortlessly underwater was cooler than we'd imagined, and topping the days off with fresh grilled seafood and cold beers made it even better. Plus, being certified as open water divers means we can make the best of our coming stops!

Favorite experiences

  • Coming face to face with the Bayon in the Angkor complex—and they say Big Brother is creepy!
    facing the Bayon in Angkor Thom
  • Stuffing my face with fresh-grilled seafood and beer on the beaches of Cambodia, all for less than $3.
    eating fresh crab topped with amazing kampot green pepper corn sauce in Kep, Cambodia
  • Finally succeeding in removing my snorkel mask in 10m of water, breathing without it for 30 seconds, putting it back on, and clearing it of water-YAY!!!
  • Watching Lina conquer her fear of removing her scuba mask underwater. This was one sport where my patience really paid off, making the required drills not much of a problem.
    stepping off the dive boat
  • Work/life balance in Siem Reap. Having a huge room, A/C, infinity pool, bikes, breakfast, and good wi-fi allowed us to be incredibly productive and relaxed during the times we weren't off touring Angkor. Great food and 50 cent draft beers were also a big plus. Also, put my workout routine in high gear, just like in the good ole days. This is slighly older than Franklin Field.
    Still staying in shape like the good-ole days. From historic Franklin Field to ancient Angkor.
  • Fresh seafood BBQs followed by a swim in magic sea water—aka phosphorous algae that sparkled all over our bodies as we swam. It reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog catching rings!
  • Sampling the first of amazing street food in Vietnam. More to come in month 4!

We hope you've enjoyed following our adventures around SE Asia. Vietnam is our last mainland country, which means we're off to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the next few months. We're also considering adding India and Nepal to top off our journey, so if you have any advice, send it over. And, as always, please leave comments and share the blog with your friends!

-The Erohs