Review of Takatuka Lodge on Sugar Beach, Sipalay


Where We Slept is our hotel roundup from our time on the road. We hope it helps budget travelers see how far their dollar can go--even though sometimes, it's not far enough!

The 1 kilometer stretch of sand on Sugar Beach has about ten guesthouses, though many were closed and/or empty when we walked down in the mist.

Out of the two we checked out, we chose to stay at Takatuka Lodge, which seems to be the priciest place on the block, and the only one to offer diving.

Though their diving was called off, their prices were still high, and we ended up paying 1200P/night for a fan room. Thankfully, they comped the wifi, which typically costs 50P per 30 minutes!

All the rooms at Takatuka are unique in design, and part of the fun was trying to find the light switch, the shower handle, etc. It was quite a cool place to stay!

Our room in Takatuka Beach dive resort

Our favorite design element was the upside down toilet shower, but the light switches, which included a power saw, car shifter, and trigger to a nail were also great fun, though hard to find in the dark.

We can now say we have showered under a toilet at Takatuka Beach dive resort

Takatuka, like many other places on the beach, has hammocks, lounge chairs, a pool table, and darts, but unfortunately, the staff literally shut the doors and turned the lights off at 8pm, which made it a bit awkward to enjoy any of the games. I think it's probably a different place in high season, but in low season with a storm brewing, they didn't seem to really want to be there or to host guests.

They also nickel-and-dimed us, charging 8P for a cup of hot water!

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