Suryagarh Fort Hotel Review


Suryagarh, a boutique fort hotel outside of Jaisalmer, opened its 62 rooms less than four years ago and is doing everything in its power to become a poster child for India's "Incredible" campaign.

and sprinkled with flower petals

It starts with the ride to the hotel, during which you're escorted by "guards" standing in the back of a jeep and holding the hotel's signature flags.

pulling up to Suryagarh

Inside the main courtyard, you're greeted by drums, traditional singing, rose petals that flutter down from the sky, and the fort's priest, who blesses you before inviting you inside.

we were greeted by traditional music

The location, in a desolate strip of desert, makes your stay even more realistic. After all, forts were always built in the middle of nowhere and they, like Suryagarh, were self-sufficient. Everything you could ever ask for is here--evocative rooms that manage to be modern, a swimming pool in the shade, blazing fast WiFi, hummus, cheese and olives!!!, cocktails, nightly snacks on your bedside table, and a staff that knows your name and remembers you're allergic to eggs.

Lina loved the hummus so much, she ordered some with every meal

Suryagarh isn't a hotel. It's a destination in itself, one that showcases the best of Jaisalmer and the Thar Desert by getting you off the the tourist trail and into a whole different frame of mind.

Suryagarh's courtyard lit up at night

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