Review of Bobby's Apartments and Jungle Tours in Khao Yai, Thailand


We stayed at Bobby's Apartments and Jungle Tours outside Khao Yai for 200B per night.

The room was clean and the bathroom was pretty nice, except for a slightly malfuctioning shower that only wanted to spray water at the sink. (Other guests had showers that shot water in the correct direction.) There was no AC, but the moderate temperatures made that okay.

The restaurant was a tad expensive for what it was, but again, you're out in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived late the first night, the restaurant was closed, which meant we had our first McDonald's meal in about a decade.

the ranger recognized him by the tear in his left ear. his name is Hu Yu

The owner was quite nice and picked us up from the train station and drove us to the bus station free of charge. There was also a great vibe around the place, with lots of people hanging around and chatting.

Overall, the guides at Bobby's Apartments and Jungle Tours seemed competent, though we were a bit dissapointed with our jungle trek guide, Bonsai. He started off great, going out of his way to spot animals and follow tips on where the elephants had been spotted. But halfway through the day, around the time he got high with other tour participants, he seemed to lose track of his goals. We never saw the promised viewpoint or swam in the waterfall and lunch wasn't as good (or filling) as promised. Though we did spot an elephant, instead of staying in the park until 7 and trying to spot more, we left around 6:30.

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