Overheard: Ten Wives Just To Have Sex


Overheard is our series of snippets/conversations that we have with other travelers and/or locals along the way.

Indonesia is made up of 17,000+ islands, but the most interesting thing is how different each island is, not only in geography and culture, but also in religion. Bali is almost all Hindu, Flores is 80% Catholic, and Lombok is primarily Muslim.

"I have a friend," said our driver from Senggigi to Senaru, "who's gotten married ten times!"

"Ten times?" I asked. "Why?"

"Because we can't have sex before marriage," he said. "And even then only to make babies. So he has ten ex-wives and many many children."

"Wow," I said.

Then to Rob: "I think it's better to have one night stands."

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