Lunch in Jodhpur


We didn't originally have Jodhpur on our list of cities to see in India, but when mom decided to splurge for a private car from Jaisalmer to Udaipur, we figured we might as well grab a bite to eat and check out the blue city over lunch.

Blue city and the Mehrangarh Fort, one of the largest in India

Just like Jaipur, you had to struggle a bit to find the blue here, but climbing up the terrace at Nirvana Restaurant, where we had lunch, offered some good views of both the blue houses and the famous Mehrangarh Fort.

Mehrangarh Fort

Why blue? It was the favorite color of the then-King's wife.

Jodhpur, the blue city in India
TIP: The bluest of the blue city is in Navchokiya

If you want to immerse yourself in blue, that's the place to stay.

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Nirvana was in itself an interesting place to eat, as it's set on the property of an operating Rama temple and the dining room is covered in elaborate (and sometimes scary) scenes from the Ramayana.

Nirvana Restaurant dining room

We had a quick stroll after lunch through the bazaars and under the Clock Tower, which were buzzing with locals in all sorts of colorful clothing haggling over saris, mangoes, and bangles.

Clock tower through the archway

Overall, a worthy and atmospheric stop!

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