An Antarctica Photo Essay by Jonny Blair


We don’t do too many guest posts on our blog, but when our friend Jonny reached out to us and offered to share some photos from an epic trip in Antarctica, we thought the opportunity was too good to pass up. After all, that’s a continent we haven’t set foot on, and unfortunately, have no plans to do so in the immediate future.

So with the goal of bringing our readers awesome photos and stories from all over the world—even places we haven’t been to ourselves—here we are. Our very first guest post, from Mr. Jonny Blair, whose journeys have taken him to all seven continents and more than 80 countries. (I’d love to see that passport, Jonny!)

Take it away!

Antarctica is for sure my favorite trip so far on my travel timeline. I try and encourage as many people to go there as possible. It's the most remote continent on the planet and deserves to be seen. I thought I'd share some of my photos from Antarctica today with Rob and Lina, and with all the Erohisms fans.

I went on a 13 day cruise and got to step foot on mainland Antarctica as well as visiting a British and a Polish base. I admit to being more of a writer than a photographer but these are my favorite shots from the world's coldest continent. I hope you like them.

A bird flies past the Pardo Statue on Elephant Island, Antarctica


The Governor, a sunken ship at Foyn Harbour, Antarctica


Flying my Northern Ireland flag at the British Base on Remembrance Day, Port Lockroy, Antarctica


Penguins on Jougla Point, Antarctica


The beach at Neko Harbour, Antarctic Mainland


Landscape at Telefon Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica

About Jonny

Jonny Blair is a travelling Northern Irishman whose journeys have taken him to all seven continents, working and plotting his way through over 80 countries in the process. He is now temporarily based in Hong Kong planning his next adventure. You can follow Jonny on his travel blog Don't Stop Living as well as his Twitter and Facebook feeds.

What do you think of Jonny’s photos? Leave us a comment to tell us which is your favorite. Being a sucker for penguins, I love the shot of the penguin colony, but the sunken ship is a close second.