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We’re Rob and Lina, and we’re incredibly excited for the next year of our lives. For the past six months, we’ve been planning a one-year trip abroad, starting with six months in SE Asia. Two weeks ago, we put in our notices at work. This week, we ...

Welcome to our new life!



Erohisms? What?

We're Rob and Lina Eroh, and we're the voices behind erohisms (pronounced "arrow-isms"). We left San Francisco and our fancy tech jobs to pursue a crazy challenge: go from well-employed to well-traveled on $1000pp/month. We succeeded and now we're exploring life as digital nomads, working from wherever fancy strikes. If you’re into adventure travel, awesome photography, and behind the scenes exposés, you’ll love following our journey.

Currently in San Francisco, California.
On the road since February 2013.

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